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Allxanax.bizRo39 yellow xanax

Yellow rectangle pill with 4 squares imprint R039 -

Ro39 yellow xanax
Yellow rectangle pill with 4 squares imprint R039 -

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its a yellow bar shaped pill with 3 scores in it. imprint is R039other side is blank . any help would be appreciated thanks

16 Mar 2005

This is Alprazolam 2mg generic for Xanax 2mg. Xanax is a C-IV Benzodiazapine used to treat anxiety disorders -JON

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Found pills in sons room yellow squares rounded edges bd with score down center and 50 on back what r they

1 answer • 14 Aug 2009 •

I found some pills, had been dispensed to my dog 3-4 yrs ago, who has incontinence problems- the bottle I stored them in didn't have the ...

1 answer • 13 Feb 2010 •

I have two xanax pills. Both are rectangular. One is white and has G3722 imprinted on it. The other is yellow with R039. I have read that they are ...

1 answer • 16 May 2010 •

I can not for the life of me figure out what this pill is and its driving me crazy! Could some one please tell me! It's yellow with 200 ...

1 answer • 22 Jul 2010 •

I can't find out what these gel like tablets are. I found them in my boyfriends pocket and they are purple squares that are gelatin made. They ...

1 answer • 5 Sep 2011 •

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Ro39 yellow xanax

R O 39 Yellow - Pill Identification Wizard |
Yellow rectangle pill with 4 squares imprint R039 -