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How many klonopin equal a xanax bar

How many klonopin equal a xanax bar
How many klonopin equal a xanax bar

What dose of clonazepam equals xanax? - Benzodiazepines - Take a

What dose of clonazepam equals xanax? - Benzodiazepines - Take a...

So, you need .5mg of alprazolam (xanax) to equal 5 mg of valium, but you only need. i used to take xanax bars recreationally all the time, like 10 a day, and thats bc they.. how many .5mg clonazepam equals 2 mg xanax?

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 09:32 PM

Hey guys,youve really got to watch those equivalency charts.Xanax is DEFINITELY stronger than klonopin. Trust me.No other benzo substitutes for xanax. Valium is used to help taper off xanax.My point is if you are used to xanax you will not get a similar effect from another benzo.


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Xanax to Klonopin transition -

I currently take about 4-5 mg of Xanax daily (one bar every 4-5 hours). Anyway. that sounds about right. .5mg xanax is equal to .25mg of klonopin roughly. They affect our natural production of GABA and many people don't.

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Dose - how much clonzepam is equal to alprazolam? - Drugs Forum

SWIM would say that about 1mg Klonopin = 0.5 to 0.75mg Xanax.. charts are notoriously unreliable simply because there are so many of.

Klonopin verses xanax? - Yahoo! Answers

I am currently taking .5 mg of klonopin for anxiet

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How many 1mg clonazepam would i have to take to equal 2mg xanax

Well as far as knowing how many mg of Clonazepam to take to equal Xanax is not really good to know. Even though both drugs are used to treat the same things.

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